People & Organizational Assessments


Is your organisation struggling to identify and manage top talent effectively? 

This can lead to missed opportunities, increased turnover, and underperformance. Our people and organisational assessments offer a comprehensive solution.

Discover how we can help you optimise talent management, drive growth through targeted learning and development, and gain valuable insights for better decision-making, problem-solving, and performance improvement.


Unlock the Power of Better Talent Management

Conducting assessments is a great way to attract and retain top-performing employees. These evaluations help identify their strengths, weaknesses, and areas for improvement while assessing their compatibility with the organization's values and goals.

Transform Your Organization with Targeted Learning and Development 

Identify areas where employees may need further skills or knowledge development. By providing targeted training and resources, you can empower your team to grow and succeed, ultimately driving growth and success for the organization as a whole.

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Gain Valuable Insights for Better Decisions, Problem-Solving, and Performance Improvement 

Data-driven insights from assessments can improve employee hiring, training, and development. This leads to more efficient operations and motivated employees. Assessments also reveal areas for improvement and guide progress towards organizational goals.

Our Assessments

For Individuals

  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™️ Trait Report
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™️ Trait Capacitor 
  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™️ Leader Report
  • VIA Character Strengths Survey & Character Reports
  • Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation-Behavior™ (FIRO-B®)
  • Change Style Indicator (CSI) and Change Navigator (CN)
  • Influencer Style Indicator (ISI)
  • Attribute Index (AI)
  • Values Index
  • DISC Index

For Groups & Teams

  • WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Teamer Report
  • VIA Character Strengths Survey & Team Report
  • Influence Style Indicator Group Report
  • Change Style Indicator Group Report®

  • Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) 360-Degree Assessments:
    • Benchmarks® by Design™
    • Benchmarks® for Managers™
    • Benchmarks® for Executives™
    • Benchmarks® for Learning Agility™

For Organizations

  • Business Agility Assessment
  • Organizational Health Check (OHC)
  • Startup Needs Assessment (BNA)

  • Prosci Change Management Assessment
    • Change Management Maturity Model Audit
    • Project-Change Triangle (PCT) Assessment
    • Change Risk Analysis 
    • Sponsorship Evaluation
    • Change Impact Analysis
    • ADKAR Analysis

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