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We're getting ready to launch Visio Connect, the Premier Community of Practice for Caribbean Visionaries and Professionals

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Community Connect

Join our free networking session to meet new people, exchange your ideas, interests, and expertise, and make meaningful connections. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for improving work-life in the Caribbean.


Accelerate your learning and development

Solutions Webinars

Learn more about Visio's insights and solutions for work-life, business and leadership in the Caribbean

Peer Learning

A new masterclass every month from peers who are experts in their areas of research and practice

Peer Coaching

Tap into a strong peer support system to unlock your potential, overcome your challenges and remain accountable


Unleash your professional services!

Whether you're a consultant, coach or trainer Visio is here to help take your professional services to the next level with our community of practice.

Office Hours

Get the business updates, answers to your questions and live interactions you need to make the most of your experience #WithVisio

Peer Consultations

Tap your peers for ideas, solutions and support in addressing your client's needs, challenges and problems

Practice Rounds

Put your skills into real play and get live feedback from your colleagues to develop and continuously improve.


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